need to have a  bachelor of science degree

PCR Lab-
Loading and unload projects onto machines, taking prepared plates and getting them ready to put on machines (vortex, spinning, placing in order, scanning, and removing lids). Need to be able to keep track of time on several machines at once.  Running multiple machines in multiple rooms.  Keep precise track of the amount of supplies used.  Need to be observant and have attention to detail. Observe inconsistencies, document, and report them. Help trouble shoot problems.  Must be able to stand and walk around for long periods of time.
Weekly cleaning and minor maintenance of the equipment. Changing the tips, running liquinox and ethanol through the machines cleaning the rails and dusting.  Quarterly cleaning of water tanks. Need to be able to get under tables to access tubing and drains.
Will occasionally help unload pallets and move supplies around.  Keeping consumables restocked in specific areas while keeping track of lot numbers and making sure the oldest supplies are used first.  Need to be able, on occasion, to lift 40 pounds possibly above your head.
Disposing of DNA plates once projects are finished.  This includes taking visual inventory of plates in a fridge and pulling out plates based on a certain criterion.  Retrieving totes in a cold room from a generated list.  Removing the seals from all the plates and dumping out the DNA and placing the plates in recycling.  Need to be able to stand for long periods of time. (Totes weigh ~25 lbs. and may be above your head).
Helping other people by shaking, spinning, and organizing plates, plus unpacking and organizing supplies. May include other tasks as assigned.
Need to follow safe working criteria, report unsafe conditions, and routinely review safety procedures.  Must wear proper PPE, such as safety glasses, gloves, and masks while on site, wear closed toe shoes, and long pants.


ames, Iowa


$15.00 per hour