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Rebar Bender


Duties & Responsibilities

On a typical day, a reinforcing iron and rebar worker's tasks might include:

  • Reading blueprints or looking at sketches to determine how to install rebar or mesh
  • Figuring out the quantity, size, and shapes of reinforcing rods and determining where to place them
  • Preparing rebar and mesh for installation using metal shears, hacksaws, and torches
  • Bending or welding rebar together
  • Installing cables
  • Using pliers to tie wire around rods to fasten them together
  • Positioning and securing rods, cables, mesh, or rebar in concrete forms

Reinforcing iron and rebar are important components of buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures. Often, these tradespeople work on new structures, but they may also help repair and rehabilitate older ones, and they're sometimes involved in demolition as well.

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