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BLS: basic life support TB Test or XRay: done within the last year Vaccine Information: MMR record from when you were a baby and the Tdap done within the last 10 years Influenza Shot Record for this year:





                    FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt    
                      REVISED: 3/6/2018    
JOB SUMMARY                                                              
Under the general supervision of a Registered Nurse, the Nursing Assistant performs routine tasks in patient care, bedside nursing, and documentation of care provided.    
• BLS required within 90 days of hire.    
• High school diploma or equivalent.    
• Requires hospital experience as a nursing assistant, certification as a nursing assistant, or experience in a related field such as a medical assistant or as an actively enrolled nursing student.    
• Nursing students may be considered as nurse assistants if approved by the State Practice Act.    
WORK STYLE AND UNIVERSAL BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS                                    
2 One of our 4 Key organizational results is to Keep our Patients and Each Other Safe:
Select Medical is an organization where patient safety and employee safety are a priority. This focus on safety is applicable to all business lines and levels of care. To those of us who work for Select Medical, these are more than words. Putting safety first allows us to provide superior care for our patients and provides a work environment where each employee is expected to take care of themselves and each other by making safe choices, using equipment provided, identifying work place hazards, adhering to safety policies and procedures and reporting risks or hazards as soon as possible.
3 Promotes Patient and Employee Safety – Focused on 10 Foot Circle of Safety and displays safety awareness in all of the below key areas:
• Safe Patient Handling
• Materials Handling
• Infectious Diseases
• Slips/Trips and Falls
• Work Environment
4 Follows all facility guidelines outlining standards of personal appearance, attendance and punctuality.    
JOB-SPECIFIC DUTIES/COMPETENCIES                                                
5 Performs vital signs accurately. Takes temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure using appropriate single use patient equipment. Measures and records fluid and food intake and output. Records calorie count accurately. Performs weights accurately.    
6 Performs treatments and procedures appropriately. Collects specimens, gives douches, and sitz baths. Assists in physical examinations, special treatments or postmortem care as directed. Transports patients to and from various treatment centers when necessary; assists transporters in moving patients in and out of stretchers and wheelchairs utilizing “ticket to ride” protocol.    
7 Cleans equipment and instruments appropriately. Maintains clean work environment. Maintains the cleanliness of various instruments and equipment such as bedpans, urinals, and wheelchairs. Ensures that such equipment is labeled and properly stored when not in use. Empties canisters as needed. Follows appropriate Infection Control protocol. Keeps the patient’s room in clean and orderly condition. Makes beds, replaces soiled linen, straightens bedside tables, discards trash, keeps window ledges free of clutter, removes unused equipment and returns to storage after it is properly cleaned.    
8 Maintains unit stock levels of supplies and equipment as directed. Assists in restocking rooms with supplies and equipment as directed. Checks trays, charts and cabinets for adequacy of inventory; assists with cleaning when necessary.    
9 Performs patient care activities appropriately. Performs services for the patient involving bathing using basinless bath products, oral hygiene, care of hair, and oral feeding. Answers patient lights and performs services in a timely manner that adds to the physical well being of the patient. Participates in hourly rounds. Reports any unusual circumstances or change in patient’s condition to the Charge Nurse/Supervisor. Recognizes and communicates cardiopulmonary arrest and initiates basic life support. Observes patients for unusual symptoms or signs of illness and reports significant findings to Charge Nurse/Supervisor. Practices good isolation techniques to maintain a safe environment and to control the spread of infection.    
10 Performs other duties as assigned.    
STANDARD PRECAUTIONS – BLOOD BORNE PATHOGENS                                      
Standard precautions will be observed in order to prevent contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials. Under circumstances in which differentiation between body fluid types is difficult or impossible, all body fluids shall be considered potentially infectious materials. All blood or other potentially infectious materials will be considered infectious regardless of the status. Appropriate protective measures are readily available. The categories shown below are designed to communicate the risk of exposure for this particular position.    
  Category 1: Tasks involve light contact with moist body substances, non-intact skin or mucous membranes. Department procedures define and require use of minimum protective measures to perform the task.    
  Category 2: Tasks involve no contact with moist body substances, non-intact skin or mucous membranes; however, employment may require performing unplanned Category I task.    
  Category 3: Tasks of employment involve no contact with moist body substances, non-intact skin or mucous membranes.    
  MATERIAL HANDLING REQUIREMENTS                                              
  Lifting                         50 lbs. 20 lbs. N/A    
  Carrying                       50 lbs. 20 lbs. N/A    
  Pushing                       60 lbs. 20 lbs. N/A    
  Pulling                         60 lbs. 20 lbs. N/A    
  POSITIONAL TOLERANCE REQUIREMENTS                                            
  Sitting                           X      
  Standing                         X      
  Walking                         X      
  Climbing stairs                   X        
  Climbing ladders                 X          
  Reaching desk level                     X    
  Reaching overhead                 X        
  Reaching floor level                 X        
  Bending (Stooping)                 X        
  Kneeling                       X        
  Crouching                       X        
  Crawling                     X          
  Finger Manipulation                     X    
  Simple grasping                       X    
  Firm grasping                     X        
  WORKING ENVIRONMENT                                                      
  Working in hot, cold, wet surroundings       X        
  Working outdoors                   X        
  Working with or near chemicals           X        
  Working near radiation sources           X        
  Potential exposure to communicable diseases   X        
  Potential exposure hazardous waste materials   X        
  Using hand tools                   X        
  Operating vehicle                   X        
  EXCHANGE OF IDEAS                                                        
  Ability to express or exchange ideas.             X    
  Ability to understand communication of others with or without adaptive devices.       X    
  Ability to perform basic math.                 X    
  Ability to read at an elementary level.             X    


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